The Venomous Strangler is a stealth predator on Tenebrous- ZD. It is nicknamed the "Strangler" by the survivors due to it's unique way of catching prey: unleashing it's abnormal tongue onto victims, and dragging them towards it, while strangling them. 


Behaviour Edit

As an stealth predator, the Strangler is often seen lurking in thick bogs, or in dense trees. When it sense a possible meal, it lurks behind the creature, and then uses it's abnormal togue to choke and strangle it's victim, while at the same time dragging it towards them.  



As a carnivore, the Strangler will stalk anything it sees as a potential meal, however, should something exceed it's head size, it would simple strangle the victim until their neck is broken, then proceed to devour them. Should it be smalled than it's head, however, it will unhinge it's jaw and swallow it's victim whole. 

Scribble's EntryEdit



  • The Venomous Strangler is loosely based off the Smoker from the Left 4 Dead franchise. [1]