Mike is a 'soldier' and security guard that is employed by the Alterra Corporation. He is currently stationed on the Astartees after serving a two year service in the heart of the Kharaa Conflict. This had happened to several other soldiers and officers due to the increase in Pirate Activity in the sectors that colony and supply ships would pass through.

Mike was one of the survivors of the crash, and escaped by the skin of his teeth. He managed to get away in an Escape Pod with his best friend and colleague Allia Orlov.


Mike was born into a poor family on a small colony world that mainly specialized in farming and basic agriculture. Like his Father, and his grandfather, he enlisted into a divison of the Alterra Military at the age of twenty-four. He said goodbye to his quiet life and head out with his hopes high to see the stars. He took with him his father's Mongolian MP7. This is a family heirloom for the Wezenzki's and he is determined to pass it on and protect it.   

After his training and odd jobs and services across the Galaxy, Mike was finally sent off to a planet that was being torn apart from the inside due to the devastation of the Kharaa Conflict. He luckily managed to survive his time there with his friend Allia. He was pulled away from his service on the planet early due to an emergency request from the Alterra ship Astartees for more security personel. He was picked along with a few others to take the long trip with the Astartees to establish the new colony at in the deep reaches of space.  


Mike was dragged into a lifepod luckily by his friend Allia after being frozen in utter fear. They both escaped and made planetfall with only scratches and a bit of a rough landing. They landed somewhere in the area between the Marshplains and the Wetwood on Tenebrous-ZD.


Allia Orlov Edit

Mike met Al some time during the Kharaa Conflict on the planet they were both stationed on. After getting to know eachother and becoming friends, they were both dispatched to serve the run on the Astartees as Security Guards. Himself being the Assistant Head, and Allia being in command.

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