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Brief overview


Kei was born within the Mongolian States in the outskirts of colonized space with her rather pushy parents. They didn’t mean much harm, but they wanted their daughter to have a good job and stay away from those damn dirty Alterrans. Of course Kei didn’t care much for their wishes and found it boring staying on the outskirts and headed off to do what she thought was fun: fight.

During her childhood, Kei had gotten into the habit of picking fights with older children and bullies. Winning or losing, she learned how to hold her own in a fight. Fights caused just to amuse herself. She then joined the TFS eventually and got most of her experiences and battle scars from her time there. She grew bored and left after a rather intense argument with her squad.

Now she’s a freelance Mercenary who has been hired to protect and look over Cereza Altan; a woman who could really look after herself. But hey, free money and a chance to see the odd creatures of space.


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