Yes, why don't we go directly into the deadly thing. For science!

Kane Russett

Kane is an Alterran biologist, specializing mainly in alien biology. Born blind in his left eye, he now currently uses a robotic one- that is prone to malfunction from time to time.

He is currently one of the survivors of the Astartees and resides on planet Tenebrous-Zd

Personality Edit

Kane is very intelligent- quick to make connections and good at solving problems, though this is partially due to a few cybernetic implants to go along with his eye. Aside from that, he is almost impulsively snarky and sarcastic. He has a pessimistic outlook on life and has a tendency to be self-centered, albeit not completely unempathetic.

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Pre-Crash Edit

Kane was working as a biologist on the Astartees prior to it crashing. A science field had been his wanted job for most of his life- a decision his parents made, for the most part.

Little else is know about Kane's life prior to crashing.

Post-Crash Edit

Kane survived the crash-landing, ending up in the Marshplains not too far from the wreckage of the Astartees.

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