Scribble150 "I'm working on it, I swear!"

Now why don't you tell me your name before I go buy those drinks?

–Scribble, Astartees Cafeteria

Claudette Raske, also known as Scribble, is a civilian Journalist working with Alterra press.


World hopping for as long as she can recall, Scribble has never been in one place for long. Whether she is on a ship or on a planet, she is often found at the nearest bar. While she is certainly not a light weight despite her size, she is infamous for drinking people under the table just to get some information out of them. This comes in handy for her official line of work as a member of Alterra's journalism team, as well as for her own personal work as a author. Her PDA book series "The Silken Damsel" is particularly well selling across Alterra space. 

She boarded the Astartees as a passenger, hoping to save a few credits on her way to the nearest hub planet.


When the ship began to crash, Scribble boarded lifepod 18 along side Arin Umiko. During the landing, she was knocked unconscious, waking two hours after the initial crash. Here she found herself, and an injured Arin on the Marsh Plains of Tenebrous-Z. 

She was particularly put off by the encryption of her personal files when her PDA opened in Emergency Mode. This resulted in her vowing to create more detailed PDA logs about the various Flora and Fauna of the swamp planet. 


Will update later. Friends with Arin


- Scribble's series "The Silken Damsel" has sold 60 million copies on her home planet Terra 17. It is estimated to have sold several trillion copies system wide.

- If Scribble quit her day job and commited to her writing, she could buy her way onto the board of directors. She willingly chooses not to.

- Scribble once challenged Kane Russett to a drinking contest simply because he looked sad.