The Ciocurian Galactic Empire, also known as the Imperial Federation of Extraterrestrials (IFOE), the United Intergalactic Reign (UIR), the Universal Alliance of Species (UAS), the CGE for short, or simply known as the Imperial Empire, is a ruthless faction of tyrants and dictators, seeking to take the universe by storm. They are led by the higher-ranked members of the Ciocurians, with members such as Lorir Tuesh Mozkang II, her generals, leaders of Ciocurian corporations, etc. Some of the lower-ranked members include entire species, with the likes of Strah'k, some subspecies of Guargurt, and others.

Not all Ciocurians agree with this alliance, and some even go as far to isolate themselves on some nearly uninhabitable planets. They aren't as primal as the local natives. In fact, they even have colonies on the darker, more dangerous side of the planets.