Cereza150 "Yeah, yeah... I'm working on it."
My apologies, I'm Cereza Altan, Chief scientist on board the Astartees.

–Cereza, introducing herself

Cereza Altan the wealthy daughter of Director Altan.


As the daughter of one of Alterra Corperations directors, Cereza had a particularly good lot in life. With money at her disposal she was able to buy the training for any job she was even remotely interested in. For a time that was science, astrophysics, quantum mechanics and even a bit of thermodynamics.

In the end, she grew bored with these and became a pilot working with the TSF. She would log several hundred hours of live combat flight before she would finally get unlucky. A Kharaa infestation on board, coupled with a Skulk getting past marine lines caused her to be injured quite severely.

It was no surprise her furious father removed her from active duty, and left her to continue her much safer career choice as a physicist. This has left her quite resentful and led to some dangerous risk taking. This was how she found herself aboard the Astartees with her hired body guard Keilani Lani.  


Escaping in Lifepod 28 along side her body guard, Cereza and Keilani quickly found themselves in a terrible situation. During the landing, the lifepod hull was breached destroying its power station and comms relay. Due to lack of power, their flotation apparatus didn't deploy, this left the two in the middle of a bog struggling to get out before it claimed their pod armed with only a few rations and a stasis rifle between them.


Keilani LaniEdit

When hiring a body guard, Cereza decided she wasn't going to settle for anyone from Alterra. She didn't need someone who was just after some quick cash and a mostly cushy job. She wanted someone who could fight and wouldn't be afraid to get their hands dirty. This was how she discovered Keilani, a Mongolian mercenary who was short on work at the time. That her father didn't approve of the choice made it more appealing.

She keeps the relationship at a professional level for the most part, though, after traveling for a while together its pretty obvious that she cares what happens to Kei. Even putting up with the others stupid nickname for her, Ceza.

While not 'officially' friends, it seems its happened one way or another.


- With the help of a fellow scientist and a Engineer, Cereza designed her own robotic replacement limb. Turning down surgery for a real replacement.