Al is a soldier and security guard that came aboard the ship to protect the supply ships from harm. She spend a few months in the Kharaa conflict, and eventually left to start being a security guard after pirate activity began to spike in a certain sector of the galaxy.

She is one of the survivors of the Astartees crash and currently resides on planet Tenebrous-Zd.

Personality Edit

Allia is optimistic and strong-willed, and has a strong suit for solving problems quickly and easily. While she doesn't generally like solving issues with brute force, she will fight if necessary.

Relationships Edit

Mike Wezenzki Edit

Mike is Allia's colleague and best friend. They met each other while they were both still in the Kharaa conflict and were both hired on to the Astartees as security guards.

Pre-Crash Edit

Al fought in the Kharaa conflict with her friend Mike Wezenzki prior to being hired on the Astartees as head security guard.

Post-crash Edit

Al got into a lifepod with her friend Mike and the two of them survived planetfall, crashing on the border between the Marshplains and the Wetwood.

Trivia Edit

  • Allia has a Russian accent.