Aaron "Rainbow Squad! Hit em with the moonwalk!"
I personally do not give a damn

–Aaron speaking to his niece

Aaron Conagher is a senior terraformist and senior engineer onboard the Astartees. 


Aaron was enlisted in the TSF during the Kharaa Conflict. During the Battle of The Solik, Aaron was seperated from his platoon, and was cornered by a Fade, after unsuccessfully fending it off, the Fade sliced off his left ring finger and punctured his left shoulder. He was saved by Lauren Holdings, who, he married three months later.  The two later had a daughter, whom they named Judith. 

After his sister, Michelle, told him she and her husband were getting a divorce, Aaron took their daughter, Mariana, onboard the Astartees with him, as to prevent her from seeing her parents' fighting. 


Following the death of Mariana, Aaron sunk into a depression and blamed himself for her death, secluding himself away from the other survivors.


Mariana GrimesEdit

Aaron deeply loved his niece, even going as far as to take her onboard the Astartees with him so she could avoid her parents' divorce. However, after her death, Aaron sunk into a depression, and blamed himself her her death.

Lauren ConagherEdit

Being married, Lauren and Aaron had a loving relationship. 

Judith ConagherEdit

Being his daughter, Aaron loved Judith deeply.

Michelle GrimesEdit

Aaron and Michelle had a normal brother-sister relationship. When Michelle told him she and David were getting a divorce, Aaron decided to take their daughter, Mariana, onboard the Astartees with him to avoid the divorce. Despite initially against it, Michelle eventually thanked Aaron, and asked him to promise her safe return.